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Below is the list of 500 proteins used for the Ramachandran-plot distributions, with File ID {PDB code + chainID (if not the full PDB file) + H (to signify H's added), structure factor deposition status, resolution, and protein name.

The filters used to choose them were:

  • resolution 1.8 Å or better,
  • clashscore (for atoms B<40) < 22/1000atoms (see Word et al. 1999, J. Mol. Biol. 285, 1709 for clashscore definition download arrow PDF 1.4MB),
  • fewer than 10/1000atoms whose mainchain bond angles (incl to Cbeta) are >5 std deviations from Engh & Huber geometry (1991, Acta Cryst A 47, 392),
  • no unusual amino acids with mainchain substitutions (e.g., 1mroA, 1rtu),
  • no free-atom refinements (e.g., 1nxb),
  • wildtype preferred to mutant if otherwise approximately equivalent, and
  • if proteins related but not same, took best combination of resolution and clashscore.

The result is our "top500" list, consisting of 149 files from our earlier "top240" list (download arrow top240.pdf, 40KB) (also see Rotamer Library), 328 files from the "PDBselect30" list as of Feb. 2000 (Hobohm & Sander 1994, Prot. Sci. 3, 522), and 23 new PDB files at better than 1.5 Å released from Feb. thru May 2000.

This g'zipped file contains all 500 of the structures with Reduce built hydrogens:   download arrow top500H.tgz(41 MB)

The linked PDB ID codes in the table are for files with Reduce build hydrogens; the file contains unix line feeds.

If you are looking for the top500 dataset dealing with Ramachandran contours and/or rotamers, then you want this page.

DB file name SF's Reso.(Å) Protein name
download arrow 119lH   1.65 T4 lysozyme mutant (c54t,C97a, a134s)
download arrow 153lH   1.6 Lysozyme, goose
download arrow 16pkH   1.6 3-phosphoglycerate kinase
download arrow 19hcAH   1.8 nine-haem cytochrome c
download arrow 1a12AH   1.7 regulator of chromosome condensation 1
download arrow 1a1yIH   1.05 CI-2 inhibitor / alcalase
download arrow 1a28BH Yes 1.8 progesterone receptor
download arrow 1a2pAH Yes 1.5 barnase
download arrow 1a2zAH Yes 1.73 pyrrolidone carboxyl peptidase
download arrow 1a3aDH Yes 1.8 mannitol-specific eii
download arrow 1a4iBH   1.5 methylenetetrahydrofolate DH:cyclohydrolase
download arrow 1a62H   1.55 rho transcrip terminator
download arrow 1a6mH Yes 1.0 Myoglobin
download arrow 1a73AH   1.8 intron 3 (i-ppo) encoded endonuclease
download arrow 1a7sH Yes 1.12 heparin binding protein
download arrow 1a8dH Yes 1.57 tetanus neurotoxin
download arrow 1a8eH Yes 1.6 serum transferrin
download arrow 1a8iH Yes 1.78 glycogen phosphorylase b
download arrow 1a92AH   1.8 delta antigen
download arrow 1aacH Yes 1.31 amicyanin
download arrow 1aayH   1.6 Zn finger/DNA
download arrow 1abaH Yes 1.45 glutaredoxin (mutant)
download arrow 1adsH   1.6 aldose reductase
download arrow 1agjAH   1.7 epidermolytic toxin A (Ser prot)
download arrow 1ah7H   1.5 phospholipase C, B. cereus

DB file name SF's Reso.(Å) Protein name
download arrow 1ahoH Yes 0.96 scorpion neurotoxin II
download arrow 1aieH Yes 1.5 P53 tetramerization domain
download arrow 1ajjH   1.7 LDL-receptor module 5
download arrow 1ajsAH Yes 1.6 aspartate aminotransferase
download arrow 1ak0H   1.8 P1 nuclease
download arrow 1akoH Yes 1.7 exonuclease III, E coli
download arrow 1akrH Yes 1.58 Flavodoxin
download arrow 1amfH   1.75 molybdate transport protein moda
download arrow 1ammH   1.2 gamma-B crystallin
download arrow 1ampH Yes 1.8 Aminopeptidase (aeromonas proteolytica)
download arrow 1aohBH   1.7 cellulosome-integrating protein cipa
download arrow 1aopH   1.6 sulfite reductase hemoprotein
download arrow 1aqbH Yes 1.65 retinol-binding protein
download arrow 1aquAH   1.6 estrogen sulfotransferase
download arrow 1aqzAH Yes 1.7 ribotoxin (restrictocin)
download arrow 1arbH   1.2 achromobacter protease
download arrow 1aruH   1.6 fungal peroxidase
download arrow 1atgH Yes 1.2 periplasmic molybdate-binding protein
download arrow 1atlACH Yes 1.8 Atrolysin c / peptide inhibitor
download arrow 1atzAH Yes 1.8 von Willebrand factor
download arrow 1auoAH Yes 1.8 carboxylesterase
download arrow 1avwBH Yes 1.75 STI trypsin inhibitor
download arrow 1axnH   1.78 Annexin iii
download arrow 1ay7BH Yes 1.7 Barstar inhibitor
download arrow 1aylH   1.8 phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase

DB file name SF's Reso.(Å) Protein name
download arrow 1b0uH   1.5 histidine permease
download arrow 1b0yH Yes 0.93 HiPIP, Chromatium
download arrow 1b16AH   1.4 alcohol dehydrogenase
download arrow 1b3aAH Yes 1.6 rantes
download arrow 1b4kAH Yes 1.67 5-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase
download arrow 1b4vH   1.5 cholesterol oxidase
download arrow 1b5eAH Yes 1.6 deoxycytidylate hydroxymethylase
download arrow 1b67AH   1.48 histone hmfa
download arrow 1b6aH Yes 1.6 methionine aminopeptidase
download arrow 1b6gH   1.15 haloalkane dehalogenase
download arrow 1b8oH   1.5 purine nucleoside phosphorylase
download arrow 1b9wH Yes 1.8 merozoite surface protein 1
download arrow 1babBH Yes 1.5 hemoglobin thionville
download arrow 1bb1AH   1.8 designed heterotrimeric coiled coil
download arrow 1bbhAH   1.8 Cytochrome c', Chromatium
download arrow 1bbzEFH Yes 1.65 abl tyrosine kinase
download arrow 1bd0AH   1.6 alanine racemase
download arrow 1bdmBH   1.8 Malate DH mutant (t189i) / nadhx
download arrow 1bdoH Yes 1.8 acetyl-coa carboxylase
download arrow 1becH   1.7 14.3.D t cell antigen receptor
download arrow 1behBH Yes 1.75 phosphatidylethanolamine binding protein
download arrow 1benABH   1.4 insulin
download arrow 1bf4AH Yes 1.6 sso7d
download arrow 1bf6BH   1.7 phosphotriesterase homology protein

DB file name SF's Reso.(Å) Protein name
download arrow 1bfdH Yes 1.6 benzoyl formate decarboxylase
download arrow 1bfgH   1.6 fibroblast growth factor mut (c69s,C87s)
download arrow 1bg2H   1.8 kinesin
download arrow 1bg6H   1.8 n-(1-d-carboxylethyl)-l-norvaline DH
download arrow 1bgcH   1.7 gran. Colony-stimulating factor
download arrow 1bgfH Yes 1.45 stat-4
download arrow 1bhpH Yes 1.7 beta purothionin
download arrow 1bi5H Yes 1.56 chalcone synthase
download arrow 1bj7H Yes 1.8 lipocalin, allergen bos d 2
download arrow 1bk0H Yes 1.3 isopenicillin n synthase
download arrow 1bk7H Yes 1.75 ribonuclease mc1
download arrow 1bkbH Yes 1.75 translation initiation factor 5a
download arrow 1bkjAH   1.8 nadph-flavin oxidoreductase
download arrow 1bkrH Yes 1.1 actin binding domain
download arrow 1bm8H   1.71 transcription factor mbp1
download arrow 1bpiH Yes 1.1 BPTI
download arrow 1bqcH Yes 1.5 beta-mannanase
download arrow 1bqkH Yes 1.35 pseudoazurin
download arrow 1brtH Yes 1.5 bromoperoxidase
download arrow 1bs0H   1.65 8-amino-7-oxonanoate synthase
download arrow 1bs9H   1.1 acetyl xylan esterase
download arrow 1bsmAH   1.35 superoxide dismutase
download arrow 1bteAH   1.5 activin receptor type ii
download arrow 1btkAH Yes 1.6 BKT motif, Tyr kinase

DB file name SF's Reso.(Å) Protein name
download arrow 1btyH   1.5 beta trypsin
download arrow 1bu7AH   1.65 cytochrome p450
download arrow 1bu8H Yes 1.8 pancreatic lipase related protein 2
download arrow 1bueH Yes 1.64 imipenem-hydrolysing beta-lactamase
download arrow 1bw9AH   1.5 phenylalanine dehydrogenase
download arrow 1bx4H   1.5 adenosine kinase
download arrow 1bx7H Yes 1.2 hirustasin
download arrow 1bxoH Yes 0.95 penicillopepsin
download arrow 1byiH Yes 0.97 dethiobiotin synthase
download arrow 1byqH   1.5 heat shock protein 90
download arrow 1c02AH Yes 1.8 phosphotransferase ypd1p
download arrow 1c1kH Yes 1.45 T4 gene59 helicase assembly protein
download arrow 1c1lH   1.5 congerin i
download arrow 1c24H Yes 1.7 methionine aminopeptidase
download arrow 1c3dH   1.8 c3d
download arrow 1c3pH   1.8 hdlp (histone deacetylase-like protein)
download arrow 1c3wH   1.55 bacteriorhodopsin (ground state wildtype)
download arrow 1c52H   1.28 cytochrome-c552
download arrow 1c5eAH Yes 1.1 phage lambda head protein D
download arrow 1c75H Yes 0.97 cytochrome C-553
download arrow 1c90AH Yes 1.17 BC cold-shock protein
download arrow 1cb0H   1.7 5'-deoxy-5'-methylthioadenosine P'ase
download arrow 1cc8H   1.02 metallochaperone atx1
download arrow 1cczH   1.8 cd58
download arrow 1cemH   1.65 cellulase

DB file name SF's Reso.(Å) Protein name
download arrow 1ceqH Yes 1.0 l-lactate dehydrogenase
download arrow 1cexH Yes 1.0 cutinase
download arrow 1cf9BH Yes 1.8 catalase hpii
download arrow 1cgoH Yes 1.8 cytochrome c', Alcaligenes
download arrow 1chdH Yes 1.75 cheb methylesterase
download arrow 1cipH Yes 1.5 guanine nucleotide-bdg protein, alpha1 sub
download arrow 1cjwH   1.8 serotonin n-acetyltransferase
download arrow 1ckaH Yes 1.5 c-crk SH3 domain
download arrow 1ckeH   1.75 cytidine monophosphate kinase
download arrow 1cl8H   1.8 endonuclease
download arrow 1cmbAH   1.8 Met apo-repressor (metj)
download arrow 1cnvH   1.65 concanavalin B (~chitinase)
download arrow 1cnzBH   1.76 3-isopropylmalate dehydrogenase
download arrow 1cpqH Yes 1.72 cytochrome c', Rhodobacter
download arrow 1cruAH Yes 1.5 quinoprotein glucose dehydrogenase
download arrow 1cs1AH   1.5 cystathionine gamma-synthase
download arrow 1ctfH   1.7 L7/L12 ribosomal protein C-term
download arrow 1ctjH Yes 1.1 cytochrome c6
download arrow 1cv8H Yes 1.75 staphopain
download arrow 1cvlH Yes 1.6 triacylglycerol hydrolase
download arrow 1cxcH Yes 1.6 cytochrome C2
download arrow 1cxqH Yes 1.02 avian sarcoma virus integrase
download arrow 1cxyH Yes 1.65 cytochrome b5
download arrow 1cy5H   1.3 apoptotic protease activating factor 1

DB file name SF's Reso.(Å) Protein name
download arrow 1cydAH   1.8 carbonyl reductase
download arrow 1cyoH   1.5 cytochrome B5
download arrow 1czfAH Yes 1.68 polygalacturonase II
download arrow 1czpAH Yes 1.17 ferredoxin I
download arrow 1d2nH Yes 1.75 n-ethylmaleimide-sensitive fusion protein
download arrow 1d3vAH   1.7 arginase
download arrow 1d7pH   1.5 coagulation factor VIII precursor
download arrow 1dbgH Yes 1.7 chondroitinase b
download arrow 1dbwBH Yes 1.6 transcriptional regulatory protein fixj
download arrow 1dciAH   1.5 dienoyl-coa isomerase
download arrow 1dcsH Yes 1.3 deacetoxycephalosporin c synthase
download arrow 1df4H   1.45 hiv-1 envelope glycoprotein gp41
download arrow 1dfuPH   1.8 ribosomal protein l25
download arrow 1dgfAH Yes 1.5 catalase, human erythrocyte
download arrow 1dhnH   1.65 7,8-dihydroneopterin aldolase
download arrow 1di6H   1.45 molybdenum cofactor biosythetic enzyme
download arrow 1difAH   1.7 HIV protease
download arrow 1dinH   1.8 dienelactone hydrolase
download arrow 1dlfH   1.45 anti-dansyl immunoglobulin igg2a(s)
download arrow 1dnlH Yes 1.8 pyridoxine 5'-phosphate oxidase
download arrow 1dosAH   1.67 fructose bis-P aldolase
download arrow 1dozH Yes 1.8 ferrochelatase
download arrow 1dp7PH Yes 1.5 transcription factor HRFX1
download arrow 1dpsDH Yes 1.6 dps

DB file name SF's Reso.(Å) Protein name
download arrow 1dptAH Yes 1.54 d-dopachrome tautomerase
download arrow 1dqsAH   1.8 3-dehydroquinate synthase
download arrow 1dvjAH Yes 1.5 orotidine 5'-P decarboxylase
download arrow 1dxgAH   1.8 desulforedoxin
download arrow 1ecoH   1.4 erythrocruorin
download arrow 1edgH   1.6 celCCA endoglucanase
download arrow 1edmBH   1.5 Factor IX EGF domain
download arrow 1egwAH Yes 1.5 MEF2A transcription factor
download arrow 1ejgH Yes 0.54 crambin
download arrow 1ek0H Yes 1.48 GTP-binding protein YPT51
download arrow 1ek6AH Yes 1.5 UDP-galactose 4-epimerase
download arrow 1elkAH Yes 1.5 VHS domain of human TOM1 protein
download arrow 1ervH   1.65 thioredoxin, human
download arrow 1erxH   1.4 nitrophorin 4
download arrow 1es5H Yes 1.4 D-Ala,D-Ala transpeptidase
download arrow 1etnH   0.89 heat-stable enterotoxin
download arrow 1euwH Yes 1.05 E coli dUTPase
download arrow 1evhABH   1.8 mena evh1 domain
download arrow 1ezmH   1.5 Zn elastase, pseudomonas
download arrow 1fasH   1.8 Fasciculin 1
download arrow 1fdrH Yes 1.7 flavodoxin reductase
download arrow 1fdsH   1.7 beta-hydroxysteroid DH
download arrow 1fkjH   1.7 FK506-binding protein
download arrow 1flmBH Yes 1.3 D vulgaris FMN-binding protein
download arrow 1flpH Yes 1.5 S-reactive clam Hb, Lucina pect.

DB file name SF's Reso.(Å) Protein name
download arrow 1fltVH   1.7 vascular endothelial growth factor
download arrow 1fltYH   1.7 Fms-like Tyr kinase 1
download arrow 1fmbH   1.8 EIAV protease
download arrow 1fnaH   1.8 Fibronectin module type III-10
download arrow 1fncH Yes 1.7 Ferredoxin reductase
download arrow 1ftrAH Yes 1.7 tetrahydromethopterin formyl transferase
download arrow 1fusH   1.3 ribonuclease F1
download arrow 1fvkAH Yes 1.7 SS-bond protein DSBA
download arrow 1fxdH   1.7 ferredoxin II, Fe3S4
download arrow 1g3pH Yes 1.46 M13 coat protein G3P
download arrow 1gaiH Yes 1.7 glucoamylase-471
download arrow 1gcaH Yes 1.7 glucose-galactose-bdg protein
download arrow 1gceH   1.8 beta-lactamase
download arrow 1gciH   0.78 subtilisin
download arrow 1gd1OH   1.8 holo D-Glyceraldehyde-3-P DH
download arrow 1gdjH   1.7 leghemoglobin
download arrow 1gdoBFH Yes 1.8 glucosamine 6-P synthase
download arrow 1gofH Yes 1.7 galactose oxidase
download arrow 1gpeAH Yes 1.8 glucose oxidase
download arrow 1gsoH Yes 1.6 glycinamide ribonucleotide synthetase
download arrow 1guqAH   1.8 galactose-1-P uridylyltransferase

DB file name SF's Reso.(Å) Protein name
download arrow 1gvpH Yes 1.6 gene V protein, E coli
download arrow 1h2rLH   1.4 periplasmic [NiFe] hydrogenase large sub
download arrow 1h2rSH   1.4 periplasmic [NiFe] hydrogenase small sub
download arrow 1hclH Yes 1.8 human cyclin-dependent kinase 2
download arrow 1hcrAH Yes 1.8 Hin recombinase (DNA-bdg domain) / DNA
download arrow 1hfcH   1.56 fibroblast collagenase
download arrow 1hfeSLH   1.6 Fe-only hydrogenase (smaller subunit)
download arrow 1hkaH   1.5 dihydropterin pyrophosphokinase
download arrow 1hmtH   1.4 fatty acid bdg protein
download arrow 1hpmH   1.7 HSC70 ATPase domain
download arrow 1htrH   1.62 Progastricsin (pepsinogen c)
download arrow 1hxnH   1.8 hemopexin
download arrow 1iabH   1.79 Astacin with zinc replaced by cobalt(ii)
download arrow 1idoH Yes 1.7 integrin I-domain
download arrow 1ifcH   1.19 Intestinal fatty acid binding protein
download arrow 1iibAH   1.8 enzyme Iib, cellobiose-spec P-transferase
download arrow 1isuAH   1.5 Hi-potential Iron protein
download arrow 1ixhH   0.98 phosphate-binding protein
download arrow 1jerH Yes 1.6 stellacyanin, cucumber
download arrow 1jetH   1.2 oligo-peptide binding protein
download arrow 1jhgABH Yes 1.3 Trp repressor (V58I mut)
download arrow 1kapH   1.64 alkaline protease/Zn/8Ca
download arrow 1koeH Yes 1.5 endostatin
download arrow 1kp6H   1.8 toxin
download arrow 1kpfH   1.5 protein kinase C interacting protein

DB file name SF's Reso.(Å) Protein name
download arrow 1kptAH Yes 1.75 kp4 toxin
download arrow 1kuhH Yes 1.6 Zn protease, Streptomyces
download arrow 1kveABH Yes 1.8 smk toxin
download arrow 1lamH   1.6 leucine aminopeptidase
download arrow 1lbuH   1.8 muramoyl-pentapeptide carboxypeptidase
download arrow 1lclH   1.8 lysophospholipase
download arrow 1lkkH   1.0 tyrosine kinase SH2
download arrow 1lmb4H   1.8 Lambda repressor N-t / operator
download arrow 1lstH   1.8 Lys-,Arg-,Orn-bdg protein (LAO) / Lys
download arrow 1lucBH   1.5 luciferase
download arrow 1m6pAH   1.8 cation-dependent mannose-6-P receptor
download arrow 1mbaH   1.6 Myoglobin, Aplysia
download arrow 1mctIH Yes 1.6 squash trypsin inhibitor/(trypsin)
download arrow 1mdcH   1.75 Fatty acid bdg protein (Manduca sexta)
download arrow 1mfiAH   1.8 macrophage migration inhibitory factor
download arrow 1mfmH Yes 1.02 monomeric Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase
download arrow 1mgtH   1.8 O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase
download arrow 1mjhBH   1.7 ATP-bdg domain of protein mj0577
download arrow 1mlaH   1.5 malonyl CoA carrier protein
download arrow 1mmlH Yes 1.8 MMLV reverse transcriptase
download arrow 1mofH   1.7 murine leukemia virus coat prot
download arrow 1molAH Yes 1.7 monellin, single-chain
download arrow 1moqH Yes 1.57 glucosamine 6-P synthase
download arrow 1mpgBH   1.8 3-methyladenine DNA glycosylase II
download arrow 1mrjH Yes 1.6 trichosanthin/ade

DB file name SF's Reso.(Å) Protein name
download arrow 1mroBH   1.16 methyl-coenzyme m reductase
download arrow 1mroCH   1.16 methyl-coenzyme m reductase
download arrow 1msiH Yes 1.25 antifreeze protein QAE
download arrow 1mskH   1.8 cobalamin-dependent Met synthase
download arrow 1mugAH   1.8 G:T/U mismatch-specific DNA glycosylase
download arrow 1munH   1.2 adenine glycosylase
download arrow 1narH Yes 1.8 Narbonin
download arrow 1nbcAH   1.8 cellulosomal scaffolding protein a
download arrow 1nddBH Yes 1.6 ubiquitin-like protein nedd8
download arrow 1nfnH   1.8 apolipoprotein E
download arrow 1nifH Yes 1.6 nitrate reductase, T2 Cu depleted
download arrow 1nkdH Yes 1.07 ROP protein
download arrow 1nkrH   1.7 p58-cl42 kir
download arrow 1nlsH Yes 0.94 concanavalin A
download arrow 1notH   1.2 G1-alpha conotoxin
download arrow 1noxH   1.59 NADH oxidase, Thermus therm
download arrow 1npkH   1.8 Nucleoside diphosphate kinase
download arrow 1nulBH Yes 1.8 xanthine-guanine P-ribosyltransferase
download arrow 1nwpAH Yes 1.6 azurin, Pseudomonas
download arrow 1nzyBH   1.8 4-chlorobenzoyl coenzyme A dehalogenase
download arrow 1oaaH   1.25 sepiapterin reductase
download arrow 1oncH Yes 1.7 P-30 frog anti-tumor RNAse
download arrow 1opdH Yes 1.5 histidine-containing protein
download arrow 1orcH   1.54 cro repressor (mutant) monomer
download arrow 1osaH Yes 1.68 calmodulin

DB file name SF's Reso.(Å) Protein name
download arrow 1pcfAH Yes 1.74 transcriptional coactivator pc4
download arrow 1pdaH Yes 1.76 Porphobilinogen deaminase
download arrow 1pdoH Yes 1.7 mannose transp; PEP-dep P-trans
download arrow 1pefH   1.5 peptide F (EGLLKALEFLLKELLEKL)
download arrow 1penH   1.1 alpha-conotoxin PNIA
download arrow 1pgsH Yes 1.8 png asparagine amidase f
download arrow 1phnAH Yes 1.65 phycocyanin
download arrow 1plcH Yes 1.33 plastocyanin
download arrow 1pmiH   1.7 phosphomannose isomerase
download arrow 1poaH   1.5 phospholipase A2, cobra
download arrow 1psrAH   1.05 Psoriasin (EF hand)
download arrow 1ptfH   1.6 His phosphocarrier
download arrow 1pymAH   1.8 phosphoenolpyruvate mutase
download arrow 1qauH   1.25 neuronal NO synthase (res 1-130)
download arrow 1qb7H Yes 1.5 adenine P-ribosyltransferase
download arrow 1qcxH   1.7 pectin lyase B
download arrow 1qczH   1.5 carboxyaminoimidazole ribonucleotide mutase
download arrow 1qd1BH   1.7 formiminotransferase-cyclodeaminase
download arrow 1qddH   1.3 lithostathine
download arrow 1qe3H Yes 1.5 para-nitrobenzyl esterase
download arrow 1qf9H Yes 1.7 U/C monophosphate kinase
download arrow 1qfmH   1.4 prolyl oligopeptidase
download arrow 1qftAH   1.25 female-specific histamine-binding protein
download arrow 1qgiH   1.6 chitosanase

DB file name SF's Reso.(Å) Protein name
download arrow 1qgqH   1.5 spore coat polysaccharide biosynthesis protein
download arrow 1qgwBDH   1.63 cryptophytan phycoerythrin (alpha-1)
download arrow 1qh4AH Yes 1.41 creatine kinase, b chain
download arrow 1qh5AH Yes 1.45 hydroxyacylglutathione hydrolase
download arrow 1qh8AH Yes 1.6 nitrogenase Mo-Fe protein
download arrow 1qh8BH Yes 1.6 nitrogenase Mo-Fe protein
download arrow 1qhfAH   1.7 phosphoglycerate mutase
download arrow 1qhvH Yes 1.51 adenovirus fibre
download arrow 1qipBH Yes 1.72 lactoylglutathione lyase
download arrow 1qj4H Yes 1.1 hydroxynitrile lyase
download arrow 1qjdH   1.8 flavocytochrome c3
download arrow 1qk5AH Yes 1.6 hypoxanthine-guanine P-ribosyltransferase
download arrow 1qksAH   1.28 cytochrome cd1 nitrite reductase
download arrow 1ql0AH Yes 1.1 SM endonuclease
download arrow 1qlwAH   1.1 bacterial esterase
download arrow 1qnfH Yes 1.8 photolyase
download arrow 1qnjH Yes 1.1 porcine pancreatic elastase
download arrow 1qq4H   1.2 alpha-lytic protease
download arrow 1qq5AH Yes 1.52 l-2-haloacid dehalogenase
download arrow 1qqqH Yes 1.5 thymidylate synthase
download arrow 1qreH   1.46 carbonic anhydrase, thermophile
download arrow 1qrrH   1.6 sulfolipid biosynthesis (sqd1) protein
download arrow 1qs1AH   1.5 adp-ribosyltransferase
download arrow 1qsaH Yes 1.65 soluble lytic transglycosylase slt70

DB file name SF's Reso.(Å) Protein name
download arrow 1qsgGH   1.75 enoyl-reductase
download arrow 1qtsH   1.4 ap-2 clathrin adaptor alpha subunit
download arrow 1qtwH   1.02 endonuclease iv
download arrow 1qu9AH Yes 1.2 yjgf protein
download arrow 1qupAH   1.8 superoxide dismutase 1 Cu chaperone
download arrow 1qusH Yes 1.7 lytic murein transglycosylase b
download arrow 1ra9H Yes 1.55 DHFR, E coli
download arrow 1rb9H Yes 0.92 rubredoxin, Desulfovibrio
download arrow 1rcfH Yes 1.4 flavodoxin, anabaena
download arrow 1rgeAH Yes 1.15 ribonuclease SA
download arrow 1rhsH Yes 1.36 rhodanese, S subst
download arrow 1rieH Yes 1.5 Rieske Fe-S protein
download arrow 1rzlH   1.6 nonspecific lipid transfer protein
download arrow 1sbpH Yes 1.7 sulfate-binding protein, Salm.
download arrow 1sluH   1.8 Ecotin
download arrow 1smdH Yes 1.6 salivary amylase
download arrow 1smlH Yes 1.7 penicillinase
download arrow 1stnH   1.7 Staphylococcal nuclease
download arrow 1svfABH   1.4 sv5 fusion protein
download arrow 1svyH   1.75 Severin
download arrow 1swuBH   1.14 Streptavidin
download arrow 1t1dH   1.51 potassium channel kv1.1
download arrow 1taxH   1.14 endo-1,4-beta-xylanase
download arrow 1tc1BH Yes 1.41 hypoxanthine P-ribosyltransferase
download arrow 1tcaH Yes 1.55 lipase, Candida

DB file name SF's Reso.(Å) Protein name
download arrow 1tenH   1.8 Tenascin (third fibronectin III repeat)
download arrow 1tfeH   1.7 elong-F TS dimer domain
download arrow 1tgsIH   1.8 pancreatic secretory trypsin inhibitor
download arrow 1tgxAH Yes 1.55 cardiotoxin
download arrow 1thvH Yes 1.75 Thaumatin isoform a (orthorhombic)
download arrow 1tifH   1.8 translation initiation factor 3
download arrow 1tmlH Yes 1.8 Endo-1,4-beta-d-glucanase
download arrow 1toaAH Yes 1.8 periplasmic binding protein troa
download arrow 1tph1H   1.8 Triose-P isomerase / P-glycolohydroxamate
download arrow 1ttbAH Yes 1.7 transthyretin
download arrow 1tudH   1.77 alpha-spectrin
download arrow 1tx4AH   1.65 p50-rhogap
download arrow 1tyvH   1.8 Tailspike protein
download arrow 1uaeH   1.8 UdP-Nacetylglucosamine enolpyruvyl tr'ase
download arrow 1ubpH Yes 1.65 urease
download arrow 1uchH Yes 1.8 ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase UCH-l3
download arrow 1ugiDH Yes 1.55 uracil-DNA glycosylase inhibitor
download arrow 1uroH Yes 1.8 uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase
download arrow 1ushH   1.73 5'-nucleotidase
download arrow 1uteH Yes 1.55 ii purple acid phosphatase
download arrow 1uxyH   1.8 UdP-Nacetylenolpyruvylglucosamine red'ase
download arrow 1vcaAH   1.8 human vascular cell adhesion molecule-1

DB file name SF's Reso.(Å) Protein name
download arrow 1vccH   1.6 vaccinia topoisomerase
download arrow 1vfrAH   1.8 NAD(P)H:FMN oxidoreductase
download arrow 1vfyH Yes 1.15 phosphatidylinositol-3-P bdg fyve domain
download arrow 1vhhH Yes 1.7 sonic hedgehog
download arrow 1vieH   1.7 R67 plasmid DHFR
download arrow 1vjsH Yes 1.7 alpha-amylase precursor
download arrow 1vnsH   1.66 vanadium chloroperoxidase
download arrow 1vsrH Yes 1.8 vsr endonuclease
download arrow 1wabH   1.7 platelet-act-F acetylhydrolase
download arrow 1wapBH   1.8 Trp RNA-binding attenuation protein / Trp
download arrow 1whiH   1.5 L14 ribosomal protein
download arrow 1xikAH Yes 1.7 protein r2 of ribonucleotide reductase
download arrow 1xjoH Yes 1.75 aminopeptidase
download arrow 1xnbH   1.49 Xylanase (endo-1,4-beta-xylanase)
download arrow 1xwlH Yes 1.7 DNA polymerase i
download arrow 1yacBH Yes 1.8 ycac gene product
download arrow 1ygeH   1.4 lipoxygenase L-1, soybean
download arrow 1ytbAH   1.8 Tata-box binding protein (YTBP) / DNA
download arrow 1yveIH   1.65 acetohydroxy acid isomerored'ase
download arrow 1zinH   1.6 adenylate kinase
download arrow 256bAH   1.4 cytochrome b562
download arrow 2a0bH Yes 1.57 hpt domain
download arrow 2actH   1.7 actinidin

DB file name SF's Reso.(Å) Protein name
download arrow 2acyH   1.8 acylphosphatase
download arrow 2ahjCH Yes 1.7 nitrile hydratase
download arrow 2ahjDH Yes 1.7 nitrile hydratase
download arrow 2arcBH Yes 1.5 ara-C arabinose-regulatory prot
download arrow 2ayhH Yes 1.6 beta glucanase
download arrow 2baaH   1.8 endochitinase (26 kd)
download arrow 2bbkHH   1.75 Methylamine dehydrogenase (madh)
download arrow 2bbkLH   1.75 Methylamine dehydrogenase (madh)
download arrow 2bc2AH Yes 1.7 metallo beta-lactamase ii
download arrow 2bopAH   1.7 papilomavirus E2 transcr. factor
download arrow 2cbaH Yes 1.54 Carbonic anhydrase ii
download arrow 2cbpH   1.8 cucumber basic protein
download arrow 2cpgAH   1.6 transcriptional repressor copg
download arrow 2cplH   1.63 cyclophilin
download arrow 2cppH   1.63 cytochrome P450 cam
download arrow 2ctcH Yes 1.4 carboxypeptidase A
download arrow 2cuaAH Yes 1.6 cua
download arrow 2cypH   1.7 cyt C peroxidase
download arrow 2dpmH   1.8 adenine-specific methyltransferase dpnii 1
download arrow 2driH   1.6 D-ribose-binding protein
download arrow 2endH   1.45 endonuclease V
download arrow 2engH Yes 1.5 endoglucanase V
download arrow 2erlH Yes 1.0 pheromone ER-1

DB file name SF's Reso.(Å) Protein name
download arrow 2fdnH Yes 0.94 ferredoxin, 4Fe4S, Clostridium
download arrow 2garH   1.8 glycinamide ribonucleotide transformylase
download arrow 2hbgH   1.5 Hemoglobin (deoxy)
download arrow 2hftH Yes 1.69 tissue factor
download arrow 2hmzAH   1.66 hemerythrin, sipunculid
download arrow 2igdH Yes 1.1 protein g
download arrow 2ilkH Yes 1.6 interleukin-10, human
download arrow 2kntH Yes 1.2 collagen, Kunitz domain
download arrow 2lisH Yes 1.35 sperm lysin
download arrow 2mcmH   1.5 macromycin
download arrow 2mhrH   1.7/
download arrow 2msbAH   1.7 mannose-binding protein
download arrow 2myrH Yes 1.6 Myrosinase
download arrow 2nacAH Yes 1.8 NAD-dependent formate DH (apo)
download arrow 2nlrH Yes 1.2 Endoglucanase
download arrow 2porH   1.8 Porin (crystal form b)
download arrow 2pthH   1.2 peptidyl-trna hydrolase
download arrow 2pvbH Yes 0.91 Parvalbumin
download arrow 2qwcH   1.6 Neuraminidase
download arrow 2rn2H   1.48 ribonucleasase H
download arrow 2sakH   1.8 Staphylokinase
download arrow 2sn3H   1.2 scorpion neurotoxin 3
download arrow 2spcAH   1.8 Spectrin (one repeat unit)
download arrow 2tgiH   1.8 Transforming growth factor-beta 2

DB file name SF's Reso.(Å) Protein name
download arrow 2tnfAH Yes 1.4 tumor necrosis factor alpha
download arrow 2tpsAH Yes 1.25 thiamin phosphate synthase
download arrow 2trxAH   1.68 thioredoxin
download arrow 3btoAH Yes 1.66 liver alcohol DH
download arrow 3chbDH Yes 1.25 Cholera toxin
download arrow 3chyH   1.66 che Y
download arrow 3claH   1.75 Type III chloramphenicol acetyltransferase
download arrow 3cyrH Yes 1.6 cytochrome C3, Desulfovibrio
download arrow 3ebxH   1.4 erabutoxin
download arrow 3eipAH Yes 1.8 Colicin e3 immunity protein
download arrow 3ezmH Yes 1.5 Cyanovirin-n
download arrow 3grsH   1.54 glutathione reductase
download arrow 3htsBH Yes 1.75 heat shock transcription factor
download arrow 3nulH Yes 1.6 profilin I, Arabidopsis
download arrow 3proCH Yes 1.8 alpha-lytic protease, pro region
download arrow 3pteH   1.6 D-ala transpeptidase
download arrow 3pviAH Yes 1.59 pvuII endonuclease
download arrow 3pypH Yes 0.85 photoactive yellow protein
download arrow 3sdhAH   1.4 clam Hb (homodimer), Scapharca
download arrow 3sebH   1.48 staphylococcal enterotoxin b
download arrow 3silH   1.05 Sialidase
download arrow 3stdAH   1.65 scytalone dehydratase
download arrow 3vubH   1.4 topoisomerase poison

DB file name SF's Reso.(Å) Protein name
download arrow 451cH   1.6 cytochrome c551, reduced
download arrow 4eugH Yes 1.4 glycosylase
download arrow 4lztH Yes 0.95 HEW lysozyme
download arrow 4pgaAH   1.7 Glnase-Asnase, Pseudomonas
download arrow 4xisH   1.6 xylose isomerase
download arrow 5cytH   1.5 cytochrome C, tuna
download arrow 5hpgAH   1.66 Plasminogen, Kringle 5
download arrow 5icbH Yes 1.5 Calbindin d9k
download arrow 5nulH   1.6 flavodoxin mutant, Clostridium
download arrow 5p21H   1.35 P21 ras
download arrow 6celH Yes 1.7 CBH1 cellopentaose
download arrow 6gsvBH   1.75 mu class glutathione S-transferase
download arrow 7a3hH   0.95 Endoglucanase
download arrow 7atjH Yes 1.47 peroxidase c1a
download arrow 7fd1H   1.3 7-Fe ferredoxin i
download arrow 7odcH Yes 1.6 ornithine decarboxylase
download arrow 7rsaH   1.26 ribonuclease A
download arrow 8abpH   1.49 arabinose-binding protein
download arrow 8rucAIH Yes 1.6 rubisco, spinach
download arrow 9wgaAH   1.8 Wheat germ agglutinin (isolectin 2)