Scarborough Castle

A content-rich web site of Scarborough Castle in North Yorkshire.

Photo of castle

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The imposing ruins of this medieval castle crown a large headland on the North Sea coast of Yorkshire England, with the tall keep tower, the barbican bridge entrance (foregroung), and the long curtain wall (starting at top right). Scarborough Castle was built in the 12th century and played many important roles in national and local politics and defense throughout the Middle Ages, but the keep's west wall (above) was broached by seige cannon in 1645 and the barracks were shelled from the sea in 1914.

The history of Scarborough Castle encapsulates many of the themes dominating English history as a whole: struggles of kings vs barons; civil wars; conflicted relationships with the continent; intrigues, scandals, and divided allegiances; trade, growth, and economics; and building vs destruction, all staged in a setting of natural and man-made grandeur.

This web site constitutes the Division III project of Claudia J. Richardson at Hampshire College, for a concentration in medieval studies, completed January 2003. Committee members: Prof. James Wald and Prof. L. Brown Kennedy; former advisor: Prof. Jutta Sperling; current advisor: Prof. James Wald.

Thanks to all the friends and family who made me endless pots of coffee; Dave Richardson for teaching me html and for using his Mage mastery to construct the kinemage of the keep; Jane Richardson for copyediting and for teaching me tricks in Photoshop; Bryan Arendall for showing me more advanced html functions; Jeffrey Stewart for helping me find useful information in the Scarborough Library; English Heritage for taking care of the castle.