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Schematic layout of barbican views link to maingate link to bb.southeast link to bb.east link to bb.c link to kb.west.mid link to b.fw.mid.east


Photo of the main gate 1. The main barbican entrance to Scarborough Castle, with the double gates between its towers closed, as seen from the top of Castle Road.

Photo of the barbican bridge from the southeast 2. The barbican bridge from below and southeast. Part of Henry III's gate tower rises between the arches of the two bridges, one of which has been filled in below with stone. Both were originally wooden drawbridges, with the gatehouse pier and towers between them.

Photo of the barbican bridge from the east 3. The barbican bridges from the east, underneath the castle wall.

Photo of the barbican bridge from close up 4. Closeup of the inner, walled-off barbican bridge arch, showing distinct types and ages of stone with evidence of a small door at some intermediate time period.

Photo of the keep and barbican walls 5. The keep, second ward, barbican bridge, and barbican walls viewed from the west. Strong horizontal strata in the headland cliffs can be seen at left.

Photo of the barbican from the east 6. The barbican from the east, looking down from the curtain wall. The two largest half-round towers flank the main gate. The walls are highest on the more accessible south side and simpler above the dirt and rock cliff down to the northern coastline. The way to the bridges and the rest of the castle leave from the right front.

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