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Bailey - a courtyard within the walls of a castle. An inner bailey is directly around the keep.

Barbican - an outer defensive work, including its walls and courtyard; especially a tower at a gate or bridge.

Countersunk roof - a castle or tower roof built below the top level of the walls around it

Curtain wall - a nonbearing exterior wall connecting piers, towers, or projecting bastions.

Husgable - a gable tax paid by householders; dependent on which side of the house faces the street.

Keep - the strongest and securest part of a medieval castle, often a tower.

North Riding - before 1974 Yorkshire was sub-divided into 3 ridings (from the Norse word "thriding"): the North, East, and West Ridings, each as large as most other English counties.

Ordnance maps - a detailed maps showing roads, waterways, buildings, and topography, compiled for military use in the movement of ordnance (weapons, ammunition, and vehicles).

Pipe rolls - medieval accounts of the royal expenditures.

Postern - a back door or side entrance through a castle wall

Royal castle - one owned by the king rather than by a noble family. Not necessarily a royal residence, but used for defense of the realm or on royal progressions.

Royal progression - a medieval monarch moving from place to place around the country, with his full household (nobles, maids, furniture, dogs, horses, etc.).

Sally port - a gate or passage in a fortified place, for use by defending troops sallying forth on a sortie.

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