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The Keep

[For full size pictures, click on schematic numbers or on thumbnails.]

Schematic layout of keep views link to k.c.southeast link to k.mid.south link to k.south link to k.c.south link to k.c.east link to ks.c link to k.c.west link to k.west link to link to k.northeast


Photo of the keep from the southeast 1. The keep from close by in the southeast, showing the nearly intact east wall with three shallow buttresses and a flared-out base. The entrance stairs climb against the south wall of the keep.

Photo of the keep from the south 2. The keep from the south, showing the entry stairs and clear traces of the mostly- missing forebuilding where the stairs turned and entered the main hall, with a chapel above.

Photo south corner of the keep 3. The southeast corner of the keep, from the base of a tower in the curtain wall. Birds circle overhead, and the northern seacoast is in the distance.

Photo of the keep from the south 4. Closeup of the keep south wall, with the inner bailey well in the foreground. Note the small arched window between the main keep and the chapel level of the (missing) forebuilding.

Photo of the keep from the east 5. A zoomed-in view of the keep's east wall, with a solid cellar wall and paired windows on each level above. Although portions are missing, it appears that the most elaborate decorations were on the second floor, for the simi-private quarters of the king or governor. The highest windows opened either to a countersunk roof or to an open third story.

Photo of the keep stairs 6. Looking up the entrance stairs to the keep, obviously repaired many times.

Photo of the keep from the center of the barbacin bridge path 7. Looking up at the keep's ruined west wall, from the center of the barbican bridge path. The 12-foot thickness of the massive keep walls can be clearly seen.

Photo of the keep from under the barbican bridge wall 8. Looking up the second ward at the keep, from underneath the southern wall of the barbican bridge.

Photo of the keep from barbican bridge 9. The keep's south and west sides viewed across the barbican bridge and walls, from outside the barbican.

Photo of the keep from the northeast 10. The keep from the northeast, showing the north wall and northeast corner. Remains of the wall enclosing the inner bailey are visible at left, and the gunner's house at right.

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