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Inside the Keep

[For full size pictures, click on schematic numbers or on thumbnails.]

Schematic layout of inside keep views link to ki.south link to ki.iw.north link to ki.north link to ki.kd.north link to ki.f link to ki.c.west link to ki.mid.south


Photo of the inside of the keep from the south 1. A view of the north-wall windows, from inside and south, showing a first-floor window embrasure at top and the small, high cellar window below, with its steeply stepped embrasure.

Photo of the inside of the keep from inside a window from the north 2. The eastern half of the south wall and its first and second story windows and doors, viewed from inside a window embrasure in the north wall.

Photo of the inside of the keep from the north 3. Looking up at the south wall and its second and third level window embrasures. Rough and protruding stones at the right are the remnants of the interior arches.

Photo of a door inside of the keep from the north 4. A door in the south wall, viewed from inside. This door is between the first-floor arch and the entrance, and the steps inside it lead up and around to the Chapel in the forebuilding.

Photo of a fireplace inside of the keep 5. The first-floor fireplace on the east wall, inside the keep. The fire area is backed with zigzag tiles, and a large, rounded chimney rises behind the top arch.

Photo of a window inside of the keep from the west 6. One of the elaborately-decorated double windows in the second story of the east wall, looking up from inside. Originally all of the windows had double arches like this one.

Photo of north wall inside of the keep from the south 7. The north wall, from the head of the entrance stairs. Remains of the north end of the big first-floor arch show between the windows, and the wooden platform approximates the first-floor level.

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