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Keep kinemage prototype

The main window in this section is a "kinemage" (kinetic image). It requires your browser to have Java enabled. To rotate in 3-D, drag slowly with the mouse. To identify a point, click on it; to measure a distance, click on each end point. Turn objects on or off, or animate, with the labeled buttons. Preset views can be selected on the top pulldown.

This kinemage prototype is a feasibility study about using 3D interactive graphics images for archeological studies. Layout and design are based on discussions and on photographs taken explicitly for this purpose by Claudia Richardson. Also useful were measurements and diagrams in the chapter "The Keep" by D. Montgomerie in Roundtree's book "The History of Scarborough". Much simplification and filling in of gaps was done to make this Keep kinemage, such as inventing the fifth tower known to exist on the destroyed west wall at the top of the spiral stair. Kinemage constructed by David C. Richardson.

Java Mage reads normal kinemage files and has much of the same functionality of other Mage versions, such as preset views, animation, zoom, zclip, center, flat scrolling, drawing lines, etc. (Type 'h' for more help.) Java Mage does not have the on-line editing functions for authoring kinemages, but it can show interactive 3-D images directly on web pages with no download or installation needed.

Scarborough-Keep.kin shown in KiNG

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