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Inner Bailey

[For full size pictures, click on schematic numbers or on thumbnails.]

Schematic layout of inner bailey views link to k.well.southwest link to kw.mid.east link to kw.mid.northeast


Photo of the keep and well 1. The south wall of the keep and its entrance stairs, from the top of the curtain wall. The inner bailey well is in the foreground.

Photo of the keep and walls 2. The keep seen from the field to its east, north of the great hall. The lower part of the keep is hidden by the defensive embankment and wall of the inner bailey.

Photo of the keep and walls from the north east 3. The northeast corner of the keep, from nearby in the field. On the left, the keep is partly hidden by the embankment and walls of the inner bailey; the base of the keep is visible on the right because that wall and gatehouse are in ruins.

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