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King's Chambers

[For full size pictures, click on schematic numbers or on thumbnails.]

Schematic layout of king's chamber views link to kc.north link to kc.fh.mid link to kc.fw


Photo of the king's chambers from front 1. The king's chambers from the northwest (built by King John in 1207-1212); also called Mosdale or Massdale Hall. Back wall coincides with the main curtain wall. The chambers were 2 stories tall, with the king's private rooms and a chapel on the top level.

Photo of the king's chambers outer wall 2. View of the curtain wall from the town; section with the king's chambers is in red brick, with the Qeen's Tower at the left. The chambers were rebuilt as a barracks in the 18th century and faced with brick, but the inner brick was removed in the 20th century to re-expose the original foundations.

Photo of the king's chambers along wall from west 3. View along the curtain wall from the west, with the king's chambers in the middle distance.

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