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[For full size pictures, click on schematic numbers or on thumbnails.]

Schematic layout of curtain wall views link to w.fh.l link to w.fd.l link to w.fd.mid link to w.fd.c link to w.fw.south


Photo of the curtain wall from the harbor 1. The curtain wall that caps and defends the southwest side of the castle headland, as seen from Scarborough town harbor. Half-round towers of several sizes and designs project outward every hundred feet or so. The brick-covered section is the outside of the King's Chambers, converted to a brick barracks building in 1745.

Photo of the walls from the dyke 2. Looking up at the curtain wall from the defensive dykes below the slope (now tree-covered).

Photo of the walls from the dyke 3. The curtain wall viewed from below.

Photo of the walls from the dyke 4. The western corner of the curtain wall that encloses the inner bailey, looking up from the level of the dykes.

Photo of the signal becon 5. Looking north along the top of the inner bailey curtain wall. A signal beacon tops the highest portion, and the north bay is visible in the distance.

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