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Top8000 Ramachandran plot for Gly, with axes repositioned to make the populated areas continuous: φ is shifted by 180, ψ by -90. α-helix is at lower right and extended conformations across the top. Each pixel represents 0.1x0.1 and is color-coded from 1 to 6 datapoints, so that the image literally instantiates the data. (From Richardson, Keedy, Richardson (2013) "The Plot thickens: more data, more dimensions, more uses", pp. 46-61 in Biomolecular Forms and Functions: A Celebration of 50 Years of the Ramachandran Map, World Scientific. Image also available at http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Dcrjsr)

Rama redux Gly offset

360x360 "thumbnail" link to full 3600x3600 image. Beware: 4.4M, big and slow to load...