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dihedral circle


Dang reads coordinates from a Protein DataBank (PDB) molecular structure file and generates a table of several useful geometric measurements for each residue or base. In its most basic form, it writes out dihedral angles (phi, psi, chi) hence the name. The output is formated for easy parsing by awk, grep, sort and other UNIX utilities.

Scripts for parsing Dang output into delimited tables are available on the scripts download page.

To download: click the program file name for the appropriate table-row. Depending upon your browser set-up you may need to “option-click” or “right-click” and “save-as”

For the most part, Dang has been replaced by Dangle.

Platform Version Release date Download size Program
(click to download)
Linux 1.8 29-May-02 71 (Kb) download arrow dang.1.8.020529.linuxi386.tgz
Mac OSX(1) 1.8 29-May-02 109 (Kb) download arrow dang.1.8.020529.macosx.tgz
SGI-irix 1.8 29-May-02 106 (Kb) download arrow dang.1.8.020529.irix65.tgz
Sun-SPARC 1.8 29-May-02 168 (Kb) download arrow dang.1.8.020529.sun.tgz
Source code 1.8 29-May-02 103 (Kb) download arrow dang.1.8.020529.src.tgz

(1) Dang is a unix program run from the command-line.