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Dangle an updated and more general version of our program Dang in that it reads coordinates from a Protein DataBank (PDB) coordinate file for either protein or nucleic acid and generates geometric measurements for each residue. It is different from Dang in that Dangle: is Java-based, includes the capability of reporting deviations from ideal geometry as well as measurement values, and has a very flexible input syntax for specified the measurements desired. Dangle output is given as colon-delimited values, one line per residue. It is designed for facile use in scripts, and is the usual source of input for Suitename, either to generate the data for MolProbity's multi-criterion table or in individual command-line use.

Usage information is available by typing "dangle -help" with the dangle shell script installed (or by typing "java -cp chiropraxis.jar chiropraxis.dangle.Dangle -help"). The output from dangle's help flag is readable online.

Dangle is included in chiropraxis.jar, which can be downloaded from the table below. It should be accompanied by the simple bash script wrapper called dangle (also downloadable below), as the most convenient way of invoking Dangle from the command line.

Dangle continues to evolve and later versions are maintained on the RLab SVN server.

Platform Version Release date Download size Program
(click to download)
Java exec 0.63 05-Jul-07 2645 (Kb) download arrow chiropraxis.0.63.070705.jar.zip
bash script 0.6 14-Aug-07 4 (Kb) download arrow dangle.0.6.070814.zip

If you encounter an error in downloading, try to get the file from our browsable download section.