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Screen shot of MageJava


Two Java "jars" are available for display of kinemage graphics via the internet. If you have "enabled" Java in your browser, then clicking either button above will show an example of a model of carboxypeptidase A (PDB entry: 3CPA) displayed by MageJava or KiNG's viewing classes. The image at left is simply a screen shot of MageJava, which you can see "live" by clicking the MageJava button. Clicking the King button will bring up a separate browser window for display.

Both are invoked by essentially the same HTML code: see the source for this page, a description of setting up for MageJava, or section 7.2 of the download arrow king-manual.pdf(108KB).

CodeBase Version Release date Download size Program
(click to download)
MageJava Jar 1.0 01-Jun-03 88 (Kb) download arrow magejava.1.0.030601.jar.gz
MageJava source 1.0 01-Jun-03 179 (Kb) download arrow magejava.1.0.030601.src.tgz
King Jar 2.23 03-Nov-16 11259 (Kb) download arrow king.2.23.161103.zip
King source 2.23 03-Nov-16 36617 (Kb) download arrow king.2.23.161103.src.zip