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To put an interactive Java kinemage onto your own Web page, download MageJava.jar from the Java Mage software page. Make your kinemage using Prekin and the normal Mage. (Keep it small and simple for performance considerations in the browser.) Add the following to your HTML document:

        <APPLET CODE="Magelet.class" ARCHIVE="MageJava.jar"
        ALIGN="bottom" WIDTH="420" HEIGHT="300">
        <PARAM NAME="kinemage" VALUE="name.kin">

(where name.kin is the kinemage file name), and put both the .kin file and the MageJava.jar file in the same directory as the html file that refers to them. Specify a square window plus 120 pixels for the button panel (e.g., width="420" height="300" in the example above). If you want stereo, use double width +120 and add the keyword "@stereo" to the kin file. For help making and editing kinemages, see the documentation, tutorials, and examples available from the Mage Page.