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E.D. map  & model displayed in Mage

Contouring Programs

Kin2Dcont and Kin3Dcont read value/coordinate lists to produce contour maps in kinemage format. Both scattered data and uniformly sampled data can be contoured. Kin2Dcont can also be used to produce contours in PostScript format.

Like the program Cluster, Kin2Dcont and Kin3Dcont are general programs applicable to many cases.
For example, we use Kin3Dcont to read Xplor-format electron density maps and output kinemage-format vectors for map display. See the README.kincontours instructions for an example command for this. Another use of kincontours is to contour the average number of contact dots for a molecule. Here is a brief description of how to generate contours for contact dots using the script scoreDotsAtAtom, Alternatively, one can contour based on the average atomic volume via this method using the awk script mapvol. Both scripts are available on the scripts download page.

To download: click the program file name for the appropriate table-row.

Platform Version Release date Download size Program
(click to download)
Linux 1.12 13-Feb-03 35 (Kb) download arrow kin3Dcont.1.12.030213.linuxi386.tgz
Linux 1.8 25-Jul-02 32 (Kb) download arrow kin2Dcont.1.8.020725.linuxi386.tgz
Mac OSX 1.12 13-Feb-03 33 (Kb) download arrow kin3Dcont.1.12.030213.macosx.tgz
Mac OSX 1.8 25-Jul-02 30 (Kb) download arrow kin2Dcont.1.8.020725.macosx.tgz
SGI-irix 1.12 13-Feb-03 55 (Kb) download arrow kin3Dcont.1.12.030213.irix65.tgz
SGI-irix 1.8 25-Jul-02 49 (Kb) download arrow kin2Dcont.1.8.020725.irix65.tgz
Sun-SPARC 1.12 13-Feb-03 38 (Kb) download arrow kin3Dcont.1.12.030213.sun.tgz
Sun-SPARC 1.8 25-Jul-02 35 (Kb) download arrow kin2Dcont.1.8.020725.sun.tgz
Source code 1.12 13-Feb-03 52 (Kb) download arrow kincont.1.12.030213.src.tgz