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Mage is a 3D vector display program which shows "kinemage" graphics. Used in both teaching and research, in applications ranging from estuary ecology to X-ray crystallography model quality assessments, Mage displays the 3D relationships between data in an interactive environment which facilitates both open-ended exploration and structured presentation. It includes many tools for on-screen measurement, construction, and editing of the display objects; it can write either kinemage output or various types of 2D image output.

Mage is available for several popular platforms. Pre-compiled executables or source code are available from the table below. To download: click the “Mage” name for the appropriate table-row.

The windows download is as the exe (not compressed, or otherwise protected), because we still encounter some Windows systems without a default compression/archival utility such as WinZIP. If you intend to use Mage's updating of contact-dots, you'll also need the Prekin and Probe programs. See our installation and use instructions for more detail. Further explanation of Windows-related use and installation is given in these notes from last semester.

Platform Version Release date Download size Program
(click to download)
Linux(1) 6.44 06-Jun-06 1817 (Kb) download arrow mage.6.44.060606.linuxi386.tgz
Windows(1) 6.44 06-Jun-06 604 (Kb) download arrow mage.6.44.060606.win.exe
MacOSX-universal(1,2) 6.47 15-Mar-07 7403 (Kb) download arrow mage.6.47.070315.macosx.ub.zip
Silicon Graphics 6.36 09-Jun-04 492 (Kb) download arrow mage.6.36.040609.irix65.tgz
Source code 6.44 06-Jun-06 709 (Kb) download arrow mage.6.44.060606.src.tgz

(1)Icon files are available: download arrow mageicon.win.ico.zip (0.4KB, for Windows), download arrow mageicon.png.zip (2KB, for Linux), download arrow mageosx.icns.zip (8KB, for MacOSX)
(2)MacOSX Mage is an unix program, not a native OSX program. Mage requires a Xterm emulator to handle the graphic display. The X11 program which is supplied by Apple on the system install disc supplies this emulator but is not installed by default. You will need to install it before Mage and/or Prekin will run in GUI-mode. MacOSX Mage is an application bundle - it contains Prekin and Probe. Drag-n-Drop a .kin file on the icon and mage will display the kinemage; likewise a .pdb file will invoke prekin to make a .kin file.

Many example kinemages (Mage and KiNG input files) and Mage manuals are available from "The Mage Page". Kinemages are ascii text files with a simple, straighforward format which is user-editable in any text editor. The Kinemage file format (download arrow format-kinemage.pdf 114KB) details syntax usage for kinemage objects. Kinemages are usually generated initially by a feeder program, such as Prekin which works from molecular coordinates.