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Screenshot of Prekin dialog boxes


Prekin prepares molecular kinemages (input files for Mage & KiNG) from PDB-format coordinate files, using either a choice of built-in scripts or a flexible user specification of options. Prekin can be run in either an interactive mode with option selection from dialog panes; or, it can be run in command-line fashion with all options specified at program invocation.

We are now distributing a no-GUI compile of Prekin. This version can be run only from the commandline and does not require Motif type libraries to reside on your computer. It should be of interest to MacIntosh users (Macs don't come with Motif-type libraries) and to users who use Prekin via scripts (less overhead). The GUI Prekin has been able to be invoked via commandline calls for sometime now, that hasn't changed.

Note for MacOSX Mage users:
Prekin is bundled in the Mage.app OSX application; so if you have our Mage.app, then you already have Prekin. To use Prekin, drag-n'-drop a PDB format file onto the Mage.app icon (or alias). Or, Prekin can be started from an X-terminal command line, see the Mage.app installation instructionsdownload arrow macosxInstallUse.pdf(136KB) for further detail.

Platform Version Release date Download size Program
(click to download)
Linux 6.51 22-Nov-08 166 (Kb) download arrow prekin.6.51.081122.linuxi386.gz
no GUI Linux 6.51 22-Nov-08 155 (Kb) download arrow prekin.6.51.081122.linuxi386.nogui.gz
Mac OSX(1) 6.51 22-Nov-08 351 (Kb) download arrow prekin.6.51.081122.macOSX.ub.zip
no GUI Mac 6.51 22-Nov-08 327 (Kb) download arrow prekin.6.51.081122.macOSX.ub.nogui.zip
no GUI Mac 6.57 13-Dec-14 234 (Kb) download arrow prekin.6.57.141213.macOSX.nogui.zip
Source code 6.51 22-Nov-08 342 (Kb) download arrow prekin.6.51.081122.src.tgz

If you encounter an error in downloading, try to get the file from our browsable download section.
(1)MacOSX Prekin is a unix program, not an OSX native program. Prekin can be run from either the command line (CLI) or from a graphical interface (GUI). Prekin GUI requires Motif/Lesstif libraries and a Xterm emulator. The minimally required motif/lesstif library is bundled in the Prekin application, as is the Prekin executable. We suggest that Apple's X11 X-windows package be used for the Xterm emulator.