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Rendered RDC visualization


RDCvis (Residual Dipolar Coupling visualizer) is a system for generating visualizations of RDC data in their macromolecular structural context. RDCvis uses specifically formatted NMR data files and PDB structure files in order to calculate and draw RDC representations. It takes advantage of the flexibility of the Kinemage graphics language by outputting results directly to a kinemage file, or directly incorporating the RDC curves into a pre-existing kinemage. The RDCvis package is written in the Java programming language, controlled mainly by a command-line interface, but also includes a KiNG plugin for more interactive control of the software.

RDC visualization on structure

In order to use RDCvis, you need to have a structure file, in standard PDB format, and an NMR data file, typically a .mr file, that contains RDC data. Currently, RDCvis only recognizes one format of RDC data. In order to use RDCvis, you will need to convert your .mr file so that the RDC data looks like the following example:

assign( resid 500 and name OO )
( resid 500 and name Z )
( resid 500 and name X )
( resid 500 and name Y )
( resid 10 and name N )
( resid 10 and name HN ) -1.3000 1.000

Future releases of RDCvis will hopefully add support for more formats of RDC data.

Platform Version Release date Download size Program
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“Any platform” jars 1.02 09-Feb-09 746 (Kb) download arrow rdcvis.1.02.090209.zip
Source code 1.02 09-Feb-09 1653 (Kb) download arrow rdcvis.1.02.090209.src.zip