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RLab Participation in CASP8 Assessments

Scattered below are various, sundry items which we hope will help you understand our efforts in assessing template-based modeling of CASP8. You should also refer to the CASP site - they have everything.

Daniel A. Keedy, Christopher J. Williams, Jeffrey J. Headd, W. Bryan Arendall III, Vincent B. Chen, Gary J. Kapral, Robert A. Gillespie, Jeremy N. Block, Adam Zemla, David C. Richardson, Jane S. Richardson (2009) "The other 90% of the protein: Assessment beyond the Cαs for CASP8 template-based and high-accuracy models" Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics in press  doi: 10.1002/prot.22551 

Cliff's Notes version of the six scoring metrics

The methods manifested as software is available for download from our software page

Tables o'data
Group Rankings (a much better looking version on the CASP site) ::: download comma separated values format or in Excel sheet format.

Raw score details: Each downloadable tarball contains the metrics raw score for each model prediction sorted into files by target.