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This is a section of the content taught by Dave Richardson for the BCH/SBB 681 - Physical Biochemistry - course at Duke University, Fall Semester 2013.

The information below will become a source of class materials - handouts, worksheets, and kinemage files. Downloads that are marked by a small blue downward pointing arrow:  download arrow    are handled so that a simple, single left click will lead to a successful download of the designated file with the correct name and correct format. (Unmarked downloads may need a right-click or other care to successfully download to where you prefer.) Many newer browsers are by default set so that "safe" files are opened upon download; as a practice this is not a good one; much better to turn that off.

link to online Elastic Scattering web-notes

Lecture Guide

 681LectureNotes20131017.pdf     Light Scattering from one point (1MB)
 681LectureNotes20131022.pdf     Light Scattering from more than one point (1MB)
 681LectureNotes20131024.pdf     Bragg relationship (1MB)
 681LectureNotes20131029.pdf     General scattering equation (1MB)