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BCH222 :: Structure of Biological Macromolecules CONTENTS OBSOLETE

This is the home page for the course Structure of Biological Macromolecules taught by Dave and Jane Richardson.

The table below will become a source of class materials - handouts, worksheets, and kinemage files. Two "flavors" of hyperlinks can be found in these two columns. The Subject column will contain links to other pages for display (or printing). The downloads column will contain links to files - typically kinemages - which you should download for use on your computer.

Printing the page directly from your browser should yield a printout of sufficient quality for homework assignments fill out and submittal. Depending on your browser's setup, certain files may be displayed rather than downloaded. In this case, you'll need to force the download by either "right-clicking" or control-clicking the link.

Text-based files (e.g. kinemage and PDB files) for download are served out in g'zipped format. This is to protect the file during transfer, to maybe give your browser a hint to download rather than display the file, and to speed downloads. To use the file either uncompress it; or, use as is - KiNG can read g'zipped kins, pdbs, and maps.



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General Information

Using KiNG

Intro Lesson: Getting Comfortable with Protein Geometry
Worksheet for intro lesson

Files for intro graphics assignment:

H-bonds & Helices

Assignment: H-bonds & Helices

H-bonds worksheet

Helix worksheet

Data Table for question 1 of helix worksheet

IUPAC nomenclature

Kinemages for this lesson:

Tutorial On Making Kinemages:

Assignment: Making kinemages & Helices

Tutorial-How To Make Kinemages

kinemage file format description

Files for this lesson:

alpha / beta Proteins

assignment & worksheet

Kinemages for this lesson:

Greek Key β Barrels

assignment & worksheet

Kinemages for this lesson:

All-atom Contact Analysis

assignment & worksheet

tips on using Probe & Reduce

Files for this lesson:

The Ribosome

assignment & worksheet

Crystallographic Model Building


Structures by NMR

assignment & worksheet

Files for this lesson:

Resources for projects:

Editing kinemages with KiNG