This is the OLD home page for the ALWAYS CHANGING course - Structure of Biological Macromolecules - taught by Dave and Jane Richardson.

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1) Macromolecular Structure &
Interactive Computer Graphics
General Information
Using KiNG
Intro Lesson: Getting Comfortable with Protein Geometry
HTML ||  download arrow 222introWrksht.pdf (72KB)
files for intro graphics assignment:
2) H-bonds & Helices: Kinemages for these two lessons:
3) Beta Proteins: (α/β)8 & Greek Key Kinemages for this lesson: files for this lesson:
4) All-atom Contact Analysis: Files for this lesson:
5) The Ribosome: Files for this lesson:
6) Crystallographic Model Building: Files for this lesson:
7) Resources for projects: Files for this section:
  • download arrow VTF_noFlip100104_nDate_filtProt.txt.gz (file-level data) (1.2MB)
  • download arrow SS_nosym_232_T5200.kin.gz (3D disulfide kin) (1.1MB)
  • download arrow rota4400-SS_inChain.csv (multi-D disulfide spreadsheet) (264KB)
  • download arrow rota4400-Asn_all_psipsichi.kin.gz (3.2MB)
  • download arrow 2AAIed.pdb (kin tutorial example file) (389KB)
Ramachandran-Plot Data Analysis:
  • assignment & worksheet:  HTML || download arrow 222RamaPlotDataWrksht.pdf (68KB)
  • reading:   2003LovellProteins50.pdf
Files for this lesson:
  • download arrow rama4400-bch222-2011_short.csv.zip (5.1MB)
  • download arrow prepro-noGP_Blt30_wh.kin.gz (632KB)
  • download arrow rama4400_short_aaSort.kin.gz (4.6MB)
  • download arrow general-noGPIVpreP_justContours_atZ90.kin (96KB)
Sidechain Rotamer Data Analysis:
  • assignment:  HTML || download arrow 222rotamerPlotWrksht.pdf (84KB)
  • reading:   2000LovellProteins40.pdf
Files for this lesson:
  • download arrow rota4400-gln_ptm.kin.gz (832KB)
  • download arrow 1n83FH_Gln321_ecl_chi2.kin.gz (110KB)
  • download arrow rota4400-leu_byB.kin.gz (1.2MB)
  • download arrow 1xwlFH-Leu473.kin.gz (184KB)
  • download arrow 1xwlFH.pdb (820KB)
  • download arrow rota4400-Pro_cis-trans.kin.gz (1MB)
  • download arrow 1dy5-cisTransPro.kin.gz (204KB)
  • download arrow rota4400-SerThrVal_3D.kin.gz (204KB)
Structures by NMR:
  • assignment & worksheet:  HTML || download arrow 222nmrWrksht.pdf (68KB)
Files for this lesson:
  • download arrow Xia.kin (148KB)
  • download arrow Hyberts.kin (120KB)
  • download arrow 5ptiPaPb.kin (36KB)
  • download arrow Tendami.kin (352KB)
Planar geometry, and the wwPDB Validation Task Force
  • Graphics assignment and questions re. VTF
  • preprint of VTF report
Files for this lesson:
  • download arrow 3Dlit_tetr_CO_KiNG.kin
alpha / beta Proteins:
  • assignment & worksheet:  HTML || download arrow abBarrelWrksht.pdf (62KB)
Kinemages for this lesson:
  • download arrow babarel.kin (52KB)
  • download arrow abBarrel.kin (60KB)
  • download arrow 1tim_a.kin (96KB)
Greek Key β Barrels:
  • assignment & worksheet:  HTML || download arrow 222greekKeysWrksht.pdf (76KB)
Kinemages for this lesson:
  • download arrow StSurvey.kin (412KB)
  • download arrow 1E43gk.kin (48KB)
  • download arrow (c16Virus.kin) (352KB)