Macromolecular Crystallography

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Lecture notes are continually being revised and historically not posted here. The problem sets are also changed and grouped differently from year to year. Extra copies of the Notes and Problem sets could be obtained from Dave Richardson.

Some of the computer graphics shown in the lectures can be viewed directly in your browser, i.e. fftoys and kins shown in KiNG. Other kinemages only work in Mage, so have to be downloaded and looked at in a downloaded Mage (see the software part of this web site (

As examples are shown in class, or assigned for study, they will be posted here.

fftoys.html: Ian's java fourier transformer featuring 63beetle along with other objects

adding-waves.2.kin shown in KiNG

helixHairpinRib.unitcells.kin shown in KiNG

Dancing-Bears.kin shown in KiNG

PhaseSIRAS.kin shown in KiNG

PhaseMADasSIRAS.kin shown in KiNG

In-class show

BCH695 date
download arrow BCH695-20150407show.pdf(48KB)   Apr 7, 2015


exercise date
download arrow resolution.pdf(48KB)  24 Apr 06
download arrow validation.pdf(356KB)  24 Apr 06


kinemages date
download arrow 1C9P_2.8A.kin(164KB)  Apr 19, 2006
download arrow 1HJ8_1.0A.kin(336KB)  Apr 19, 2006
download arrow 1JIRon1S83_Arg66_supr.kin(1.4MB)  Apr 24, 2006
download arrow Dancing-Bears.kin(20KB)  Mar 2, 2005
download arrow HelixBearHair.kin(248KB)  Apr 7, 2004
download arrow PhaseSIRAS.kin(32KB)  Apr 6, 2007
download arrow PhaseMADasSIRAS.kin(124KB)  Apr 6, 2007
download arrow helixHairpinRib.unitcells.kin(741KB)  Apr 25, 2011