Workshops On Using Kinemage Graphics

Amherst College    25 February 2003
Union College    22 April 2003

This page links the resources available for download associated with these workshops. The PDB files are linked and sourced here for the convenience of the workshop participants, the Protein Data Bank is the ultimate source for these files.


Install most recent versions of Mage, Prekin and Probe software.
Check-out and troubleshoot installation problems.

computer OS or platform click to go to download page
Linux, MacOS 9 & X,
PC-Windows, and SGI
no Probe available for Mac OS9
Mage download page
Prekin download page
Probe download page
NB: Probe software not available for MacOS9

Note that the programs are precompiled and are thus computer-platform specific. Kinemage files (also called ".kins") are text files and are not computer-platform specific. Well, sort of. There is a difference in end-of-line characters: Macs use ASCII 13 (\r, <CR>), *nix boxes use ASCII 10 (\n, <LF>), and PCs use both. The only effect having the wrong EOL code may have is reading the file in an unsophisticated editor. All text files are supplied with *nix (ASCII 10) line-feeds. Also note that depending upon your browser set-up, some of the items, particularly the kinemage text files, will display rather than download. If so, force the download by "right-clicking", "control-clicking", or some-such browser trick.

     Demonstration of kinemages in Mage

An introduction to the functionality of Mage (including Prekin, Probe, & Reduce).

Kinemage files for this section:
Demo5_4a.kin  ||  Demo5_4b.kin  ||  NonMolDemo.kin  ||  howdotswork3.kin  ||  7rsa.kin

     3-D Literacy Workshop

The versatility of Mage: teaching, testing, feedback, analysis

Kinemages and PDBs for this section:
c1Basics.kin  ||   c6FldFlx.kin  ||   ssBx.2sets.kin  ||   2aaiB2rib.kip  ||   HBlesson.kin  ||   3Dlit4atst.kin  ||   HbondPractice.kin

Other files for this section:
3D Literacy kinemage text:  HTML  ||  PDF
H-bond test kinemage text:  HTML  ||  PDF

     Mage-Probe: Interactive Updates

Use of the interactive Mage-Probe system.

Kinemages and PDBs for this section:
1lmb6_85Hbox.kin  ||   1lmb6_85H.pdb  ||   7AHL.pdb  ||   1HIH.pdb  ||   1STP.pdb  ||   1EHZ.pdb  ||   1gvvmod.pdb  ||   1RUV.pdb

Other files for this section:
Typical use of Mage-Probe to generate all-atom contact analysis:  HTML  ||  PDF