The Anatomy & Taxonomy of Protein Structure


I am especially grateful to David Richardson for, among other things, the meticulous technical photography; to Richard Feldmann for extensive use of his molecular display system; and to Chris Anfinsen for suggesting that this article be written.

I am also greatly indebted to the following people, who provided unpublished coordinates or other information: Pat Argos, Frances Bernstein, Colin Blake, David Blow, Tom Blundell, Rick Bott, Carl Brändén, John Chambers, David Davies, Phil Evans, Alyosha Finkelstein, Bob Fletterick, Hans Freeman, Irving Geis, Pauline Harrison, Steve Harrison, Wayne Hendrickson, Isabella Karle, Aaron Klug, Joe Kraut, Michaei Lelbman, Anders Liljas, Bill Lipscomb, Martha Ludwig, Scott Mathews, Brian Matthews, Alex McPherson, Hilary Muirhead, George Némethy, Eduardo Padlan, Oleg Ptitsyn, Michael Rossmann, Ray Salemme, Charlotte Schellman, George Schulz, Christine Slingsby, Tom Steitz, Michael Sternberg, Bob Stroud, Martha Teeter, Janet Thornton, Al Tulinsky, B.K. Vainshtein, Pat Weber, Don Wetlaufer, Don Wiley, Alex Wlodawer, and Christine Wright.

This work was supported by NIH grant GM-15000.